Sharq TV - Watch Online TV from Afghanistan

Sharq TV (Pashto: شرق‎) is a Pashto language private television station based in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.[1]

The channel is part of Shaiq Network, which also owns Nargis Radio, Shaiq Film, Sharq Radio, Shaiq newspaper & Mambar Radio.

Shaiq network was established in Aug-20-1996,it worked in the fields of health, engineering, education, film production and media in eastern region.
The following are the major Achievements of Shaiq network in the development of community.

* In the sector of health created a laboratory and clinic by the name of shaiq medical laboratory.
* In engineering sector build a teacher training center in laghman, a school in shen korak in konar province. and two main intersections in jalalabad city.
* In the field of media establishment and construction of a media center (four story building in 1000 sq meter)
* In 2002 establishment of a Shaiq weekly newspaper.
* In 20:08:2003 establishment of Sharq radio funded by inter news.
* in 2005 Establishment of cable TV network in section two of jalalabad city for the families.

* In 2005 for the awareness of afghan people a film was produced by the name of Black poison, On the concept of terrorism, drug addiction and education problems, 20,000 copies were distributed among the people free of cost due to the lack of cinema and TV broadcasting.
* In 2005 a cricket tournament was organized among 22 districts and 10 best teams of jalalabad city. A lot of Prizes were given to the teams and a gold cup for the winner team.
All the equipment and cloths were arranged by shaiq network (With the help of PRT and government)
* In 2006 arrangement of 10 km marathon race from surkhod district to jalalabad city.
* In 2007 the establishment of a media center which was the one and only private media center in Afghanistan.
For the broadcasting of Sharq, Nargis, member radios, Sharq TV and Shaiq news paper under one roof.
* In the middle of 2007 more than 250 youngster were trained in the different fields of journalism and media production (Photography, Reporting, news broadcasting, Audio production, Audio editing)
Because we have lack of such technicians to work in our media sectors and gave the talented among them opportunities to work.
*In 9:11:2007 established Nargis radio for women in which 19 females work up to now. All the broadcasting programs are for females. .