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MBN Television As it’s clear that in the past decade Afghanistan has taken great steps toward free and professional media which has paved the way to democracy in our country.

MBN as one of the professional and powerful TV stations in Afghanistan escalates its efforts in order to support democratic and human rights values in the country and provide a specialized and acceptable way among domestic mass media in Afghanistan.

MBN has started its transmission based on rules and standards of international journalism which has been leading by a group of well known and professional journalists of Afghanistan.

It’s mentionable that alongside its own resources, this TV channel has been currently financially supporting by an Afghan businessman as well, who is also an author himself.

MBN is basically an entertainment and news channel
After some sort of surveys MBN has designed some great entertainment shows such as game shows and tournaments together with some women and literature programs.

Political and current affairs team of MBN holds great political TV programs such as MBN Debate, live political discussions, research based documentaries, in order to share and discuss political issues with officials, political parties, experts and people and make sure that there are always some good ways to provide peace and stability in the country.

News section of MBN shares the latest news of the world and Afghanistan with the all viewers and makes sure that news are balanced and neutral, and they are not in contradiction to the international standards of journalism.

Meanwhile, MBN’s programs are all produced by a professional TV Programs Production Company called Lens.

In MBN there is a team called “Innovation Team” which is responsible to bring innovations into programs as well as bringing up new innovative programs, conducting surveys and providing adequate advises for the leadership of the MBN.